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At autofficinaneedforspeed, we’re all about enhancing creativity.

As committed artists, we infused life in business when we noticed that it was a struggle to find high-quality fine markers and other tools to help improve our creative processes and facilitate the production of unique, beautiful artworks. Our dedication to finding original, fun and wonderful markers, stamps, dies, stencils and embellishments to make our art projects shine led us on a journey of discovery.

After finding the right tools for the job, we decided to share our secrets with the rest of the world, and thus autofficinaneedforspeed was born.

We’re constantly on searching of what’s trendy, what’s new and what’s just about to take the art & craft world by storm, and with a team of experts on-hand to talk you through the latest stock, you can rest-assured that your crafting project will always be fresh, new and exciting when you choose us as your supplier.

Learn to live, love and enjoy your passion for art with autofficinaneedforspeed.